November 19, 2012

International Day 2012

The last few days have been quite hectic around the house. The kids are having international day celebration in school this week. Obviously, mak & bapaknya pun kena tolong. Alya didn't have to do any projects. Her class will just march on that day. No pictures though as it is a women only function & the Saudi ladies don't like to be photograph without their niqab.

As for Faris, he needs to do a project on South Africa. Since anak I nih Type A personality, dia nak la buat the best thing. Habis bersepah the whole study room with the materials. Sebenarnya, cikgu dia suruh buat chart aje. But he wants to do something different and we decided to do a diorama of the forest. Last school project, we spent more than a week on it. Well, this time we didn't want to spend so much time on it sebab mak & bapaknya yang penat. Alya as usual is very helpful too. I think she did more work that Faris himself! Hahaha!

This is his project, a diorama of the South Africa's wildlife. Too bad the pic is not clear, it was taken by hubby:)

However, the teacher lost the project! Kesian Faris as he was devastated:( She left the project outside the class and lost all the projects that the class made. As a result, Faris' class is very,very bare compared to the other classes. Dah la cikgu dia tak ada suruh budak2 bawak any food. So, the class didn't have much visitor, hahaha!

This is his class. Ada few drawings & deco sahaja. Faris was dressed as a hunter but the teacher asked him to wear the headband so that nampak macam cheetah. Tapi cheetah mana ada  mane macam lion:) Some of his friends were dressed as animals. I tried googling for South Africa's national costume, tapi didn't get much info, a friend suggest suh buat costume macam hunter.

The Malaysia & Indonesia class is very nice. Punya lah banyak decoration.
The Singapore & China exhibition is not that bad either.
Siap ada live cooking demo by the 10th Grade boys.

But the most happening place is definitely Pakistan. Siap ada traditional dance & crafts.
Definitely interesting. Tengok lah, sampai cikgu dia pun menari:)
The other decorations around the school.

It was quite fun to see the boys did everything with the help of their teachers. Kalau kat Malaysia, selalunya girls lah yg suka buat benda2 mcm nih. However, since this school has separate boys & girls section kena la buat sendiri.


  1. baru perasan boys & girls separate section :-)

  2. mala,

    kat tempat yg kami tinggal nih, cuma American school aje tak asing. Mungkin sebab kat sekolah tuh tak ramai org local kot:)